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Tips and tricks to planning a COVID-safe wedding

When planning a wedding in COVID times the key question is how can you make it work?

Wedding planning can be stressful for couples at the best of times, let alone adding in a pandemic and ever-evolving restrictions. Reduce your stress and build your confidence in going ahead, have a back up plan and ensure you make the most of it.

Our tips and tricks to help you navigate the COVID-safe world of weddings. Click here for more tips and tricks.

Photography Credit | Evan Bailey Photography

Here are the tried and tested tips and tricks to hosting a COVID-safe weddings (and enjoying it!!).

1. Smaller, more intimate numbers

Guest numbers seem to be one of the frequently affected wedding plans due to the pandemic. Planning for smaller, more intimate numbers helps to reduce your risk of transmission, and is a beautiful way to celebrate your wedding day.

2. Host your reception later

Couples more often than note report the most fun part of their wedding day being the reception – that is the party! And luckily, as long as the ceremony is done, you are now married and can have the wedding party at any time. Plus who doesn't love a good party?

3. Outdoor weddings

Hosting your wedding outdoors is a great decision - with airflow and lots of space for social distancing. If you have an indoor venue, speak with the venue about ventilation and social distancing. Or if the venue has an outdoor venue, consider moving your beautiful wedding outside (under the stars)!

4. Get creative

Let's get creative - there are some fun ways to incorporate COVID restrictions and requirements to your wedding day. Here's a few favourites: Design a name tag for glasses, host your interstate guests via Zoom, provide individual grazing boxes, socially distance chairs in fun designs and patterns, pre-record speeches and display on video (and live stream to those who couldn't make it), as well as fun signage to lighten the situation.

Credit | Weddbook

5. Be flexible

Previously all wedding decisions made were completely up to the couple. Unfortunately, now there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. State restrictions, venue contract terms and more. One thing couples are having to do is be flexible. Flexible on dates when postponing or rescheduling, flexible on food styles because of COVID rules, flexible on no-dancing or no-drinking or no-signing.

6. Be prepared for lockdown

One of the most feared COVID impacts on weddings is a complete lockdown. This is because its not just restrictions, this will mean your wedding day cannot go ahead AT ALL if the date occurs during a lockdown. Although, we all hope this doesn't happen to you - you are highly encouraged to have a lockdown plan. Ensure you know what your suppliers contingency plans are, if you can postpone without any cost and when the cut off dates are for your orders/bookings.

Credit | Wedding Spot Blog

7. Budget for changes

It is a great idea to budget for any cost due to changes, postponements and lockdowns. This will help reduce the stress of any associated costs if you were already prepared for them. And a great BONUS if you don't have any costs, you could use the budget for something else to make your day even more special and/or for your honeymoon!

8. Consider contractual obligations

You should review all your venue and supplier contracts to ensure you understand your responsibilities and obligations under COVID (or any other health or natural disaster) conditions. If you have a wedding planner, your planner should be across this.

9. Keep up to date with physical distancing & other COVID requirements

It is really important to keep up to date with physical distancing & other COVID requirements within your area. This is where your vendors will come in handy. They will need to keep up with their own requirements and can help pull the pieces together for you. The below image is a great example of making great use of social distancing despite COVID restrictions.

Credit | Hamilton Photography

10. Communicate the rules to your guests

Guests are increasingly worried about rules when attending weddings. The best way to make your guests feel more comfortable is to communicate these rules. Send a rules list with your invitations, and any updates in reply to their RSVP. And perhaps an update just before the wedding date (if applicable). And make sure your MC communicates this on the day!

COVID-Safe wedding guest etiquette

Weddings have changed and the changes are unfortunately here to stay for a while. As a guest at a pandemic / post-pandemic wedding, your wedding day bag looks a little different. Remember to bring your stylish mask, hand sanitiser, tag your own glass, understand when reduce numbers affects your attendance, and graciously follow the COVID rules provided to you.


If you are still feeling overwhelmed by planning a pandemic friendly wedding or event, follow us for more! Or click below for more tips and tricks!

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