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Themed Parties - without the expense

Are you asking yourself "What am I doing?", "This is going to cost so much", "Why is everything so expensive!"? Then you may be planning your next event or party the wrong way.

Don't get me wrong - I love themed parties more than anyone I know. I love decorating, planning the invitation and outfits to go with it. But it can get expensive.. see my tips below to reduce your expenses when it comes to Themed Parties.


Tips To Reduce Your Expenses:

1. Pick a theme that can be achieved using colours. I always recommend my clients to steer away from licensed balloons, cups, plates, serviettes, decorations etc. when they are on a budget or trying to reduce expenses to focus on other special items for their parties. Usually one or two licensed décor and staples are enough, they add the super cute feel and usually great quality - however, they do become a ridiculous and an unnecessary expense when you are trying to go all out on licensed items.

Here in this picture - our client could have bought licensed decorations, balloons, plates, food etc. And would have achieved a beautiful set up. But is this not already?

For example: A hungry caterpillar party - all you need is rainbow everything and your almost finished (add a hungry caterpillar cake and books, there you have your theme!)

Another option is to look into hiring or buying second hand - depending on the decoration/item, you can find amazing things for amazing prices. Op Shops can be your best friend!

2. Choose decorations you can make yourself.

The sign for the TWO wild party was made with printed paper and laminating sheets.

This was a simple and cost effective way for our client to have a sign without having to pay the big bucks from sign suppliers.

For the backdrop, the client hired our pallet wall - which is another simple and cost effective solution. If you or your partner are handy enough to put something like this together, all you need is a pallet (at times you can get them for free), sander and the right paint. Be sure to snap up a good pallet!

3. Use what you already have.

This sounds like a no-brainer and may be hard for some to picture. But it truly is the best tip. In our set up below for the Tri-ceratops / Dinosaur themed party - we utilized our clients inside plants to add elements and colour. Our client also used plates, platters and bowls they had around the house - instead of buying or hiring them for the set up. And we think it looks great!

4. Cake

Let's be honest - a lot of people come to parties for the cake. Especially the adults. When an invitation for a kids party comes in, you are definitely not jumping up and down... But then you think of the food! Yum!

Cakes can be the ultimate decoration - that ties it all in together - that makes the whole set up amazing! Make sure your cake is like your theme threw it up! Sorry for the OTT image.

It doesn't have to be crazy and over the top colours or toppings, but should scream your theme. Make sure you look around and keep trying new bakers. We have a baker that we love and use all the time - she is reasonably priced and her cakes always taste amazing. But finding her was not easy and we personally went through some ok-not terrible bakers before this.. Also can you believe this cake was only $70 AUD? I couldn't!

And the last but not least tip is. . .

5. If you are hiring any items or have a party planner, check with them if they have recommendations or deals with other companies!

It never hurts to ask for specials or to give your supplier a budget to work with. But it definitely doesn't hurt to ask if they have any recommendations or deals with other companies if they are referred through your planner. This can equal discounts, free giveaways and more - you just have to ask.

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