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Get started with a DIY Wedding Planner {Binder}!

Hey lovers! Congratulations on your engagement!

Now it's time to start the planning process? Planning your wedding day is exciting, but also can be overwhelming. There is lots to do and sometimes not enough time to get it all done by yourselves.

Especially when you have many ideas and are finding it hard to decide on a theme or venue etc. This is where a wedding planner (person and binder version) come in handy.

Even though a wedding planner (person) is not for everyone. A wedding planner (binder) definitely is. This is one of the must-haves for any event. Especially a wedding. Binders are a great way to keep all your ideas, plans and information in one location. If you are a DIY bride, this will ensure your papers are not lost underneath all the wedding crafts and projects you are about to undertake.

Before you do, check out our free printables in our latest post! These may help save you DIY brides time!

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What you will need!

Before you can build your wedding binder, you will need to get your supplies:

  1. Binder

  2. Paper & Lined Notepads

  3. Divider tabs (coloured)

  4. Clear sheet protectors

  5. Sticky notes (coloured)

  6. Highlighters, markers and pens (coloured)

We highly recommend starting off with a white binder. It is a wedding after all. But even more so, this will alow you to stay focused on the content rather than the binder itself.

It is also important to get a range of colours for the colour coding you will be doing later on.

Organising your binder!

Once you have your supplies, it is time to start organising! Yay!

A typical wedding binder will be organised in the following sections. Create a fun cover page design similar to your invitations or theme for each section below:

  1. Cover page

  2. Timeline

  3. Budget

  4. Guest list

  5. Invitations

  6. Venue

  7. Theme and Decor

  8. Inspo

  9. Vendors

  10. Wedding party contact details

  11. Wedding Dress

  12. Bridesmaids

  13. Groom

  14. Groomsmen

  15. Registry

  16. Rehearsal Dinner Plans

  17. Ceremony

  18. Reception

  19. Honeymoon

Remember this is YOUR wedding. Make it your own. You can have sub-headings, you can change all the above sections. Work with what will help you stay organised and happy. There is nothing set in stone here!

What we love about binders is that you can add just about anything. You can add lined notebooks for any notes you take in vendor appointments, or a spot to keep your receipts in the clear sheet protectors mentioned above.

Start using your binder!

Now that your binder is organised into sections, it is time to start using it. Anything you have already organised, place in the relevant sections. Any inspiration that you haven't decided on, place in the Inspo tab. This will help you keep track of anything you like before making decisions.

Make sure you keep your pages in their relevant sections. This will be extremely handy in the future of your planning. Keep a print out of any of your electronic spreadsheets, listed or pinterest board. This will help you stay on top of up-to-date information.

QR Codes!

And yes, it sounds like a lot of paper and we aren't in the business of ruining the environment. You can easily create QR codes for any links to your online spreadsheets, lists or pinterest board. Simply visit and print this instead. QR codes can be read easily with your smart phone - most phones read without an app!!

Check out our latest posts for more tips and tricks to planning a wedding!!


- Briana, White Orchid Events

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