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Eco Confetti - why you should use it.

You don't have to be an environmentalist to use Eco Confetti. There are many reasons you should use Eco Confetti. Here are some reasons below:

1. Safe for the environment

Using Eco Confetti you are giving back to nature instead of polluting it.

2. Clean up

So easy! If you use leaves and are getting married in a garden - NO CLEAN UP! (Well as long as you don't go over the top and your venue is ok with it) which is part of the reason why we used leaf confetti at our own wedding - as well as reason #4.

3. They look great

There are so many different colours and textures. Choose between a heart, circle, square, rectangle, star and more shapes to suit you!

4. Safe for the wildlife around

There are so many venues now that are shared with horses, chickens and other farm animals and wildlife. It isn't common knowledge, but there are some petals / flowers and other plants that are harmful (poisonous) to pets and other animals.

5. Cost Effective

If you choose leaf confetti, there is lots of time and effort to be made towards making enough, but who doesn't love a budget option. Go to your neighbourhood park and collect the fallen leaves. Hole punch til your hearts content.

Tips and tricks:

* When using confetti, be careful not to have extra small confetti pieces. In my experience, the photographer may find it difficult to capture your lovely (leaf) confetti. I recommend a 7-10mm width for each hole punched piece.

* Be ready to clean it up or pay a cleaning fee to the venue (always check with the venue before using confetti)

Types of eco confetti:

  • Leaf confetti

  • Rose petals (dried)

  • Coconut flakes

Coconut flake confetti is an up and coming trend. Just keep in mind your guests and potential allergies, including your venue before choosing this option


How to make leaf (eco) confetti:

1. Collect your leaves

Collect your leaves based on colour preferences. You will need more than you think as you will lose volume when hole punching. Fill your storage box to the brim before punching (maybe even twice) and continue until desired amount (after punching).

Tip: ensure they are dry, but not brittle before hole punching

2. Hole punch your leaves

Hole punch your leaves with your shape puncher into a box.

3. Storage

Store your punched leaves in a box with Silica gel packets. The gel will ensure they dry and not mold, especially when creating confetti early.

4. On the big day

Your confetti will be ready for use on the big day. Just transfer from the box to a basket and you're ready to go.


Keep an eye out for our next blog and don't forget to send us a message to start planning your next event!! :D

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