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How White Orchid Events came to be:

To kick-off our blogging adventure, I thought I would share a little bit about me and how White Orchid Events came to be. I apologize in advance for my long essay (and more than likely terribly written blog as this is my first).


Some event planners fall in love with events from planning their own wedding, or getting dragged into them via family or friends, or when they start a job that has an events element (and they just love it - thinking why don't I do this for a job?). For me it was not none, or any of these things particularly.

I was always passionate about planning - whether it was a wedding, birthday, organizing the home or corporate management. My passion landed me in many planning and management roles over the last 9 years of my corporate career (a Personal Assistant, Store Manager, Executive Assistant and Event Coordinator). I have been involved with events from corporate to personal, large to small - the building blocks to White Orchid Events (as I like to call them).

Something more personal - I am a mother of a beautiful 3-year old boy and soon to be married. Plus, my two fur babies - Bundy and Hunter.

Our Name Origin:

I have had a few people ask why and how we chose our name - unfortunately, it is not an exciting story - Orchids are my favourite flower (the way that they grow, the way they lean like the weight of the world is on their shoulder but are tough, they are just beautiful and inspiring). And why not fill your world with your favourite things, right? My favourite colour is green - and well Green Orchid Events just did not have the same ring to it. The colour white represents many things it can be an end or a surrender, it can be a start, for marriage, purity and new beginnings.

Disclaimer: The following content may be a trigger for some women dealing with infertility and loss.


How White Orchid Events came to be:

At 19-years of age, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). For those that don't know what PCOS is, it is an incurable hormonal condition that affects many women. PCOS not only affects your physical health, but also mental health and fertility, and more.

Infertility was something I never thought about or totally understood, yet I found myself in it. Weekly and monthly appointments, facing injections, taking medication, changing my diet and lifestyle completely, and ultrasounds so many that I wouldn't dream of counting for 3 extremely long and stressful years.

We were lucky enough to have a beautiful boy (pictured above). But after being told I was less fertile and in fact, almost completely, infertile we lost hope. One day I went to the doctors with certain symptoms and found out I was pregnant - some crazy miracle. However, we lost our crazy miracle the next morning.

Experiencing loss made me think everything over, it is when I asked myself, what do I want in life? What would I do to make the most of my time? I knew instantly it was to manage events and do something I love instead of "just working" and "just living". My passions lie in organization and planning especially events. So I dove head first, thanks to my supportive H2B, I opened White Orchid Events and have being doing something I love since. From corporate events to personal events, large and small, I love them all.


Anywho, thank you for sticking around for our opening story and keep a look out for our next blog!! Next time we will provide you tips and ideas for your next event!

And don't forget to send us a message to start planning your next event!! :D

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