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How to choose the perfect first dance song?

You may be surprised by how frequently couples ask for song recommendations for their first dance. Hopefully this post helps someone out there (and maybe save a marriage, before it's begun - haha!)

The first dance can be a high expectations part of the whole day and while you are reading this, just know you are not alone. There is a lot of pressure on weddings to be perfect, beautiful and so memorable - the dance being one of these. With fireworks, smoke machines and amazing theatrics or choreography to show off your love to all in attendance, no wonder so much pressure is put on the first dance! Don't get me wrong, I love these things, but if it's not you, then don't worry about them!

Over the course of your planning, you may find yourself worried about having the perfect song, the dance being beautiful and memorable (rather than awkward and weird), and for those introverts out there - one of the many times throughout the day that everyone has all eyes on you and your better half!

Planning my own wedding - the song was one of the parts that hubby (Chris) and I "struggled" with. Not only do we have completely different preferences for music genres, lyrics and sound, but we just seemed to disagree and were unable to find the one we both "love". We found ourselves (mainly me) rushing and compromising to pick the perfect song even a year out from the wedding. But in the end we found the perfect one, with the perfect lyrics that we both loved for the perfect dance ~ for us!

The reason I make the point of it being perfect ~ for us ~ is that what is perfect for you, is not perfect for somebody else - even your fiancé!!

Six steps to find your perfect song:

1. Gather your suggestions to bring to the table

The main reason I suggest this as step #1 is it will be easiest for you by yourself to go through and pick some favourites. Get a Spotify account or listen to a wedding playlist on YouTube. You may already have some in mind and write them down, now this is where the next step comes in..

2. Listen to them together

What better way to see if the electricity will be present while dancing than to listen to it together in the comfort of your own space without all eyes on you and without actually dancing. This step may be a hard one if you have a busy partner like mine - to catch them in enough down-time to listen properly to a few songs can be quite a feat. But it is totally worth it. Bring all your suggestions together and write down the ones you both love.

3. Listen to them separately and see if the song reminds you of the love of your life!

Once you have narrowed down your list, listen to them by yourself. On your way to work, at work, while you are cleaning or cooking. Just to see if you both still love them. This helps weed out the ones that you aren't in love with, or the ones that may get "old" when listened to often.

4. Look up the lyrics and see if they represent your relationship in YOUR eyes

Lyrics are extremely important - they can help set the mood or they may ruin the mood. The latter less likely but still a risk. They may make your dance that much more perfect, because it represents your relationship in that moment and how you want to be for the rest of your lives.

5. Pick your top choices - this is a great time to see which mutual songs you both picked

Pick your own top choices separately and bring the list together. If there is a song you have both brought to the table, then that's your song! And let's be honest, if you aren't completely happy with the decision - start again. It's like when you do eeny, meeny, miny, moe and you don't like the outcome. You may not bring any songs together that are the same - which you can go back to the drawing board or you can discuss why you chose the songs you chose. This may help your partner see the logic in your decision.

6. Play the songs and dance to them - it may feel silly, but just remember you ARE going to be doing this on the day (perhaps in a big fluffy dress or tight suit that you are probably not used to)

It is good to loosen up and have a dance together to the songs you've selected. Ask yourself if you feel comfortable, if you can dance to the tempo and see how it feels. It will be so much better on the day/night, but it's a good indicator of how it's going to feel.

Extra Tip: Don't forget to check with your band, singers or DJ to ensure they can play/sing the song. If you are having a live band or acoustic singers for your music, ask for a quick snippet of what the song will sound like to ensure you love it. Sometimes the sound can change, and you don't want any surprises on the day!! Also, don't worry if you feel your song is too long. Ask your band, singer or DJ to shorten it.

Keep an eye out for our next blog and don't forget to send us a message to start planning your next event!! :D

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